Deseret Biologicals

Soon we will have our Deseret Biologicals store open for business. Until then you can call us and order products from our Deseret Biologicals line by phone. You may also want to get a consult with Dr. Morris with respect to your healthcare concerns. You can reach us at (913) 636-5657. Additionally, our firm has a computerized FDA approved Type II Medical device on site that can test you and assist us in finding an optimal treatment plan for you. Its analysis takes a great deal of the guesswork out of making your decisions for supplementation and treatment (See Biomeridian on the testing tab at Dr. Morris will then consult with you personally while you make final decisions about your individualized dietary supplementation plan.
The following is a list of links to Deseret Biologicals various categories of homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements.

Many of Deseret Biologicals products are specialized and one needs to understand their specific use and an individual's issues before using the products. We suggest that you get an exam by our doctor or you at least talk with our doctor via phone so we can best serve your needs. Although a phone call cannot substitute for being examined in some cases if an individual has had some testing or can answer some questions about their condition our doctor can generally recommend items that will serve that individual's symptoms well. When in doubt, please give us a call.